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About us

Our journey began in 2009… to encourage, promote and develop human values among people through its training programs, coaching and mentoring services.

Today, our pride in owning our small business has changed our life. Thanks to our participants!

How it all began

One fine day, my chief mentor and I, we were reflecting on the people who have and who do enrich our lives and we realized how empty life would be without people adding value to our daily experiences.

Yes, we had many a challenge come our way. Our mentors played a very vital role in our career growth and personal development.

It was just an afterthought – “How about starting a mentors club”? And, we did. By doing so, we saw that we could breathe new life into small thinking crowd! We have been helping people (from as common as office boys to someone from the top management of an organization) develop into something more— Successful individuals!

That “aha” moment

When we first started, we tread the deep waters slowly. Yes, over the last five years, we had many a stumble. We held onto our grit! It is paying off. It’s true – “When the going gets tough, the tough get going!”

Today, we realize we have been able to turn our dream combined with passion into a viable business - something we hoped the people we interacted with (we find it difficult to call them customers) would absolutely love.

The most remarkable aspect about EPITOME (is what our participants say) is the friendly and enthusiastic spirit of all our facilitators.

The story behind our programs

We are nourished by the gratitude of our participants and powered by the reach of their networking. Our participants state categorically - “Through your programs we have gained new insight into our work, we are able to come up with brilliant ideas, we share our experience with fellow participants, and most importantly we are becoming good human beings”.

Thus, at EPITOME, we have been constantly striving and developing a variety of workshops. It’s like giving people a peek behind the curtain of the quality of information we present. This gives them a true sense of the craftsmanship that’s involved in bringing our creations to life.

Our guiding principles set the aspirations that we endeavor to achieve.

What makes us unique?

We focus on applicability to maximize results. We make the program content very informative, interactive, and incorporate subtle humor coupled with fun. We reinforce derivatives through experiential activities. So, our programs are very well received and accepted.

We also give participants an individual action plan (areas which they would like to improve; how they propose to go about implementing the action). This helps participants to personally gauge their improvement.

Post training initiative

Participants who attend the training program receive unlimited amount of support from the facilitator – through email, telephone and one-on-one.

This means participants have the opportunity to ask for some personal as well as professional advice and tips whilst implementing what has been covered during the training. After all, it's after the program when the implementation of the learning starts!

45 days after the program, we conduct a post training assessment. This is to help analyze the effectiveness of the facilitator and the impact & improvement in the participants who have attended the training interventions.

The facilitator also meets the participants and the management separately for feedback on the areas improved and the areas requiring further fine tuning. Participants are then coached / mentored accordingly through email, telephone or one-on-one.

Subsequently, the next training intervention is decided upon.

Our Endeavor

The establishing of EPITOME applies to strategic behavioral training interventions and workshops for organizational growth, workforce development, applied learning and student development.

At EPITOME, it is our constant aim to focus on expanding avenues for business enterprises and Educational Institutions. This we do by working to establish pathways and opportunities for behavioral modification in people. This means, learning is translated to real life execution to achieve desired organizational, professional and personal goals.

We also conduct retail batches and mentoring sessions at our institute. People include housewives, students and working executives and professionals.

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402, Sandhya Enclave, Dwarakapuri Colony, Model House Lane, Punjagutta, Hyderabad - 500082.
Email: info@epitomementors.in
Mobile no: 8978066006
City: Hyderabad
Locality: Punjagutta
Pincode: 500082

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