Graduate Certificate in Maintenance Management

This program is designed for technical staff in full-time employment in the asset management field and provides the basicelements of maintenance knowledge and skills.

Technical staff in full-time employment in the asset managementfield will enhance their skills in this program, which embracesleadership and management techniques, the organisation, planningand application of maintenance and maintenance strategies,terotechnological aspects of engineering economics and accountancyand implementation of maintenance planning systems, assetoperations optimisation and more. The knowledge achieved can beapplied in fields such as manufacturing processes, transport, powergeneration and the efficient operation of industrial, commercialand civic buildings, with the goal of increasing industrialcompetitiveness and benefiting their companies bottom line.

    • Chief engineer
    • Maintenance and reliability engineer
    • Production and maintenance engineer
    • Maintenance manager

A three-year degree in engineering, science, applied science orappropriate degree program or at least three years of high-levelexperience and successful completion of two courses from theprogram on a not-for-degree basis.

Undertaken within 24 months prior to your study commencement date and have achieved a minimum overall test score of 6.0, and the individual band score required is 6.0 for reading, listening, writing and speaking.

Fees are subject to change annually.

  • $12,800 AUD annual tuition fee - commencing 2017


  • July and February

Course Duration

  • 0.5 year

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