PTE Academic Reading Tips

Know proven methods for fill in the blanks and reorder paragraph type questions in...

In addition to well-known methods of PTE Academic Reading such as skimming and scanning the text to extract the gist and specific information, we have essayed some more proven methods for fill in the blanks and reorder paragraph type...
PTE Academic Essay Writing

TIPS for PTE Academic Writing – Essay Strategies

Tips for PTE Academic Writing- Essay strategies Below are the 7 item traits, your PTE Academic Essay Writing is evaluated on: Content Formal Requirement Development, Structure and Coherence Grammar General Linguistic Range Vocabulary Range Spelling A test taker’s essay is rated on a...
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SECTION 2 OF THE PTE ACADEMIC LISTENING TEST Highlight Incorrect Words Highlight incorrect words are the second last question type in section-2 of the PTE Academic Listening test. In this "Highlight incorrect words" question type candidate has to listen to a recording...

Listening Part of PTE Academic

The last part of the PTE Academic test is the Listening section. It consists of around 8 types of questions which need to be dealt with a lot of focus and concentration. The moment you lose focus you will...

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PTE Listening

Useful PTE Listening tips for Exam Practice

PTE Listening Tips: PTE listening section held for 45 to 57 minutes depends on the given questions in the exam.Here you are tested on your listening skills mainly, as well as having some integrated speaking & listening questions.For each question, you...

PTE Academic Speaking Section

Before starting the PTE Academic Speaking section, there is a small task to complete. It is ‘Personal Introduction’ (Not scored). In this Item type, you have spoken about yourself and your response will be sent together with your Score report...
PTE Academic Writing Tips

PTE Academic Writing

PTE ACADEMIC WRITING: SUMMARIZE WRITTEN TEXT For PTE Academic Writing, you need to write a summary of the text in one sentence. You have 10 minutes to write your summary. Make sure to include the main points of the reading passage...
PTE Reading Tips

Preparing for PTE Reading Test

Information for PTE Reading Test Hello again. With our focus on giving you PTE examination information, this week we are presenting you PTE Reading Test information. If you have missed our previous blogs, we have published 4 blog topics –...
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