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The English have the reputation of being a nation of tea drinkers, but this wasn’t always the case. By the end of the 17th century, the English were the biggest coffee drinkers in the Western world, and coffee houses became the places to be seen. For gossip also, one could pick up talk of the latest intellectual developments in the field of science, politics, and so on, in this age of scientific discovery and research. Coffee houses were very simple and basic at first; one can say a room with a bar at one corner and a few plain tables and chairs at the other end. Customers paid a penny for a bowl – not a cup – of coffee. At that time, it was thought that the customers didn’t use bad language just because of the presence of a polite young woman. An added attraction was that coffee houses provided free newspapers and journals.

But people didn’t go to the coffee houses just to drink coffee. They went to talk. Simple cafes were converted and developed into clubs, where one with a penny could go for a drink and a chat. Most of them started to go to coffee houses to find other people with the same job or of same interest to talk and conduct business.

The great popularity of coffee houses lasted about a 100 years. In the later 18th century, increased trade with other countries made such luxuries as coffee cheaper and more easily available to the ordinary person. As a result, people started to drink it at home. At that time more tea was imported from abroad. The domestic tea-party replaced the century of the coffee house as the typical English social occasion.


Although the English are known as tea drinkers, in the 17th and 18th centuries, they went to coffee houses, not just to drink coffee but also have a chat about latest intellectual developments.

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