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Many companies involve employees in decision making. Some people think that it is

important for the progression of the company. To what extent do you agree or disagree?


In today’s competitive world, it has become essential for all organizations to do their best in every sphere of their business . Innovation and new ideas have become, somewhere indispensable to be able to remain as a part of competition . Some people perceived that it should be higher management for taking feasible decisions while others argues that people across all the levels should be encouraged to give in their ideas  where ever possible. I firmly believe that employ must have the freedom to innovate their ideas, but the decision it take by smooth enough top level management.

First of  all, it is  fact that people working in the particular area knows the ins and outs of the progresses involved to perform that job. He is the best person to come out with ideas which can proves the higher output for the organization in that particular area. For this reasons, in many manufacturing  houses, labourers are given incentive for each new idea they come up with. Such companies value the thoughts of its each and every employee.

On the other hand, there are companies which believed that it should be the duty of only the higher management to come up with innovations and decisions. Management has a belief that taking ideas and suggestions from anyone would only lead to chaos. Employee may provide suggestion having personal interest, which could be harmful to the company.

In wrapping up, it can be said that employees must have the freedom to innovate their ideas. But top-level management should also be smart enough to judge its plausibility of implementation, as the final decision has to be taken by them.

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