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Talk about the pros/cons of this era as is full of daily invention?


In this modern era, many technological advancements have been taken place in various areas for daily use that have given numerous benefits to the people around the globe. There are, however, plenty of significant drawbacks that have hampered the people lives.

There is no doubt, the invented products have provided considerable benefits to the people. First of all, due to escalating inflation rates and the changes in demographic structure between the men and women, they both are working in corporates to live the lavish lifestyle. They do not have sufficient time to perform their daily task. As a result, they are using washing machines to wash the clothes; refrigerators to store the foods, and grinders to prepare the spices.

Secondly, the communication devices have transformed the level of communication amongst people. These devices, to illustrate, the smartphones to send the mail; laptop to deliver the marketing presentation, and to transact the financial transactions have made their life much easier and convenient than earlier.

In stark contrast to this, there are also negative effects of this technology. One of the major effects is, people have become over dependent on communication devices such as smartphones, tablets, and palmtops. They are using these devices in large amounts which have made them less sociable and less active. Finally, another effect is, it is believed the widespread use of e-mail and internet chatting have destroyed traditional forms of communication, for example, letter-writing, telephone, and face-to-face conversation.

In conclusion, the different prolific technological inventions have given a bunch of benefits to the people in their daily life, however, there are also drastic effects that have hampered the people life

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