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Essay writing is a indispensable part of the writing module in PTE Academic. It is extremly important and can be a difference maker.Attaining proficiency in this writing exercise is not very hard and can be attained through practice. Here is a sample essay which is taken from a list of PTE ACADEMIC RECENT ESSAY QUESTIONS. The answer has also been provided to help aspirants know what a PTE Academic model essay should look like.


 In recent years, the proportion of the crimes committed by youngsters is on the rise. Discuss causes to this problem and suggest solutions.


It is irrefutable fact that crime committed by youngsters is increasing alarmingly around the globe. In this case, in many countries, juvenile delinquency has become a topical issue. This essay will examine the substantial factors which are playing there predominating role to increase of juvenile delinquency before outlining appropriate measure to cope.

There is a variety of factors that account for adolescents’ strong aggressive and criminal tendencies in a modern society. First and foremost, loss of the family life and the increase in family violence could be a significant factor to be considered. It is generally seen that more and more parents nowadays show an inclination to abuse their children and treat them as an outlet of stress. According to the recent study in New Zealand, this behaviour of parents leaves young children and teenagers a misleading impression about violence and gives them composure when acting violently.

In addition to this, busy lifestyle of parents, repeated exposure to violence and delinquent peer groups, and so forth are the another culprits. Furthermore, the spread of the Internet has compounded this effect.Despite the cause discussed above regarding juvenile delinquency, there are quite a few readily solutions exist which could be implemented to mitigate the impacts caused by the potential factors. Initially, good family life could be an effective tool. It is generally seen that an under aged person correctly oriented in life if they have good family values. Moreover, it is imperative that parents limit or even prevent children’s exposure to violence; a trigger for their aggressive behaviours could be another indispensable key that can be adopted.

In last, undoubtedly, the crime committed by youngsters is increasing; however, above mentioned come concrete steps can assist to mitigate the damaging impacts.

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