Know proven methods for fill in the blanks and reorder paragraph type questions in PTE Academic Reading

PTE Academic Reading Tips

In addition to well-known methods of PTE Academic Reading such as skimming and scanning the text to extract the gist and specific information, we have essayed some more proven methods for fill in the blanks and reorder paragraph type questions in this article.

Fill in the blanks tests your knowledge of Natural Sounding English. Not in terms of pronunciation, but your word choice. There are TWO keys to PTE Reading. Collocations and Word choice.

What are collocations?

Collocations are words that often appear together into natural-sounding phrases. Using correct collocation will show your level of English. Native English speakers are NOT creative with their language use. They just use collocations. You should not be creative either. You should use collocations when you speak and write. Using wrong collocation is an error.

You may be wondering why we are talking about speaking and writing when we are discussing PTE Academic Reading Practice? Well, the answer lies in your question. Writing is included in your PTE Academic Reading Test like fill in the blanks.

Sample collocations:

  1. adjective+ noun: The Titanic sank on its maiden voyage
  2. Verb + noun: Every day, I take a shower at 6 o’clock
  3. Adverb + adjective: This test is ridiculously easy! I didn’t even study, but I will get high score.
  4. Verb + adverb: After 2 years in London, he speaks English fluently
  5. Noun + noun: Her bouquet of floweris the best of all
  6. Verbs+ prepositional phrase (phrasal verb): Their behavior was enough to drive anybody to crime

Word choice in reading requires the knowledge of word types such as noun, verb, adverb, adjective, and preposition. You can increase your chances of selecting the right word if you can identify the appropriate word.

Reorder paragraphs questions test your skill on organizing the text boxes in order that appear randomly on the screen in the real examination.

The 1st thing to do when you see reorder paragraphs questions is to search for the topic sentence. Mostly the topic sentence is stand-alone and does not start with But, Also, So, furthermore, however, nevertheless etc.

Pronouns such as he, she, it, they, them, are probably referring to something mentioned in an earlier paragraph. Check if the paragraph is talking about series or sequence and keep a note of it. Once you identify the topic sentence just use the connecting words and general sentence to check the connections in the remaining sentences.

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