Time Management in PTE Academic Exam

Time Management

Time management in PTE Academic Exam :

Time management is the key in the reading section as it is not timed. But there is a timer on the right hand top corner counting down with number of questions remaining. That can be used as a good alternative. Do not spend too much time on any one question. If you are unsure move on than lose time for an entire section.

Time management is extremely critical. The idea is to make you nervous with how quick the questions change. In re order paragraphs look try to understand what the paragraph is about using skim and scan techniques. Identify mainly topic sentences consists of nouns like name. Topic sentence is independent sentence and does not depend on other sentences. Main sentence does not start with contradicting words such however. Then begin with those and follow a logical pattern. Don’t stress out, a little logic will help.

In fill in the blanks – No easy way out. If for some reason you are confused, moved the next blank and fill it and revisit it a minute later. Parts of speech is really helpful and when looking into the gap. In multiple choice single Read the questions first, always try to focus on key word keyword which gives maximum information then understand the context, this is not tough, need a bit of logic. Coming to Multiple choices multiple answering again, read the questions first, always!! Remember this, choose a minimum of two, and do not go beyond this unless you are sure. Remember, this section has a negative mark, so if you are not sure, choose only 1 and let it go. You will get 50% marks at least.

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