Any changes in PTE Academic Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking Sections?

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Few Changes in PTE Academic Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking Sections

No major deviation in the number and sequence of questions. Only challenge could be the sound of fellow test takers sitting next to you. It is very important to be mentally prepared and focus on the test only. Be prepared for lot of background noise especially in speaking section. You would get a chance to check your microphone in the introduction section. In contrast to the usual pattern of summarize written text and two essays you would get three summarize written text and one essay. The reading sections were most challenging section as of today. You may expect 17 questions in 41 minutes or 16 questions for 32 minutes. Also, the sequence of questions was in a reverse order. Now reading and writing fill up the blanks is the first question in the sequence. Also 7 questions on reading and writing fill in the blanks and 3 reorder paragraphs you may expect. Time management is extremely important and many barely manage to complete the section on time. Well deserved break section after the grueling reading section. While the listening section as the same level of questions as reading. Time management is extremely important here. 45 minutes to solve 17 questions. Generally mock tests would give 55 to 57 minutes for this section. Hence for the last two questions on write from dictation you have to type the answer quickly to ensure no skip or guess work. Finally, you won’t expect any repeat questions anymore and time management is extremely crucial for reading and listening section. Be mentally prepared for background noise during speaking module and choose the center in your city with best infrastructure and don’t compromise on it.

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