Repeated Questions and templates

The possibility of getting 79+ with Repeated Questions and Templates

Most people are running after repeated questions and practice tests. However, cracking PTE is not all about tricks and templates. Of course one has to work on basics as they are fundamentals and no template is of any use without them. On the contrary, PTE exam is tricky and some smart work is needed to tame it. For example, Repeat Sentence or even Retell Lecture could be a test of memory, interpretation of said sentence(s) and then reproduce them with essential keywords and with correct sentence formation. Listening and reading Sections are quite tricky where you really need to practice. First of all, need to improve four sub-skills in English. For reading- read a lot of science journals and articles. For listening – watch shows, movies, talks etc. in different accents. For speaking- speak in English whole day to yourself, in front of the mirror, in daily conversations. For writing, practice writing short sentences with correct grammar. And if you’re faltering in grammar then go through some short courses online or grammar books to improve that skill. And all this will take continuous efforts for at least a week or maybe more depending upon your current level. After few weeks of practicing on your skills along with practicing PTE techniques for each question, you should practice, practice and practice for one week with repeated questions, practice tests and if possible buy a mock test kit from

However Plese remember that there is no shortcut to success and efforts are never wasted. We learned each day and it is a matter of using them to your advantage.

Good luck everyone and choose the right option that works in your favor !!

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