Is negative marking harming your chances of getting good score in PTE Academic Exam ?

PTE Academic Exam Tips - Negative Marking

The fervent test taker must understand that there are questions that have negative marking and creates a tension in mind. Negative checking technique is basically to deject test takers who do mystery and endeavor numerous that they are exceptionally uncertain about. The same number of is the mindful human inclinations to commit errors and getting tense. However, some energizing test takes keep astringent that negative checking is of no significance. Particularly the wide perspectives have flowed via web-based networking media like Facebook and Quora. Indeed, Pearson said in their score guide that negative stamping and checking criteria in a perfectly clear way. As of late distributed score criteria in pdf design released in January is featuring the purpose of negative marking. The fundamental point of the negative marking is to set aside undesired competitors. In examination structure, if there are no negative technique chiefly candidates relying upon fortunes endeavor a wide range of inquiries. On the off chance that the appropriate response they pick is right then they pick up, in the event that it is wrong they had nothing to lose. In any case, negative checking framework set up they need to hypothesize and endeavor to address on the off chance that they are uncertain about it. Each off base reaction would seriously affect their general stamping in Pte. Owing to these competitors jump at the chance to play a superior and safe amusement rather endeavor questions which they are extremely uncertain about it. In PTE reading and listening, sections  candidates need to be very careful while answering questions as negative marking applies below  three questions. These three question types are

  • Multiple choice multiple answers – reading
  • Multiple choice multiple answers- listening
  • Highlight incorrect word – listening.

As these strategies to counter the above mentioned type questions are

Interpret the instructions very carefully as it say more than one option to select especially in multiple choices.

understand the prompt and highlight key words i.e. Which gives maximum information from the question

  • Eliminate the wrong one which does not talk or opposite views
  • Marks will be awarded to the correct options however lose marks to incorrect options
  • option selected as correct instead which is wrong
  • Option selected are correct however not selected the right one

Time is very crucial in reading as these types of questions are not individually time based questions. Don’t make a wild guess. The below mentioned tips and tricks might be very helpful.

  • preparation under timed condition
  • Practice meticulously
  • Carefully choose the correct option
  • Review the selected option again
  • Candidate need to possess knack to make a distinction the between right and wrong one.

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