PTE Academic Personal Introduction Video:

Facing a camera is considered to be an intimidating experience for many in PTE Academic Personal Introduction Video, especially for those who do not articulate well. There are some who struggle to formulate even one meaningful sentence. Many experience extreme nervousness that make their mind go blank.

PTE Academic, the recently introduced English proficiency test, demands candidates to face a camera for 30 seconds to speak about oneself in PTE Academic Personal Introduction Video. A close analysis of test results shows that many candidates fail to complete this task and instead speak irrelevant sentences. PTE does not award a score for this part of the test. This, in turn, prompts some candidates to neglect this section. However, this phase of the test carries a huge significance because this forms the first step that can instill confidence in the candidate. Remember the words: Be brave; take risks; nothing can substitute experience.      

In this informative article, I will reveal how to organize your answer in the easiest way. The candidate begins the speech with greetings. She then tells her name. This is followed by announcing the highest qualification the candidate has achieved. Including the percentage of marks, the candidate has scored is highly relevant here. The candidate then spells out her hobbies and that is then followed by her aim and ambition in life. 

In PTE Academic Personal Introduction Video, many candidates erroneously fill in information about their families. This must be avoided. Speaking about one’s hobbies is of paramount importance because it reveals how the candidate perceives the benefits accruing from hobbies. 

While speaking it is also important to keep a keen eye on the structure of sentences forms. Repeated use of simple sentences may diminish chances of a high score. Ensure you are able to employ complex sentences effortlessly.