Listening Section of the PTE Academic : Highlight Incorrect Words

PTE Academic Listening

Are you in the habit of watching movies with captions? Do you follow these captions intently to get a better understanding of the movie? If yes, this PTE Academic task should be a walk in the park. For this task you will be provided with a transcript of a recording. However, some words in the transcript will vary from the spoken bit in the audio recording. The task requires you to identify these variations, and highlight those particular words. The tips below will help you through this task of your PTE exam:

Gain a general idea of the PTE Academic recording:

You will have 10 seconds before the speakers opens and the recording begins. Read through the transcript during this time. You will not have time to scrutinize the text. A cursory glance is more than sufficient to figure out the topic, if you pay attention to the adjectives, nouns and verbs contained in the text.

Use the cursor:

While listening to the PTE Academic India recording use the cursor to match the word spoken to the content in the text. This will give you a better chance to pick out the words that do not match the recording. To highlight this word, simply left click on it. The word will turn yellow, indicating to the PTE Academic Test mechanized examiner that you have marked that word to be inappropriate.