Benefits of Taking PTE Academic Test for Non-Speakers


Pearson Test of English (PTE) is one of the top choices for international students taking a proficiency test. It is the world’s leading English test conducted on the computer in single-sitting for three hours. Pearson PLC group launched this test in 2009 to offer a fair, accurate, and fast way of getting proficiency score. That is why PTE Test of English has become favorite among non-speakers within a short span of time. It has become an important way of getting PTE scores and submits to the concerned authority to get visa applications.

Benefits of Taking PTE Exam:

PTE offers a complete assessment to international students while taking this test. It has four sections of writing, speaking, reading, and listening. The overall score is given after assessment of communicative skills and enabling skills of candidates. Hence PTE Exam India is a complete test that reflects the proficiency of takers in the language. That is why scores are accepted for admission purposes, jobs, and immigration to native speaking countries.

Top Benefits :

1. Availability of Flexible Test Date

It has over 150 authorized centers operating globally, used for booking and taking the test by non-speakers. In India, 14 authorized centers are conducting a test for 363 days a year. Hence finding a suitable in the nearest test center is easy.

2. Get Quick Exam Result

PTE offers exam result within five business days to takers. Further, PTE scores remain to live on the official site for two years enabling students to apply for admission to reputed universities.

3. Worldwide Acceptance

PTE is recognized and accepted by 80% reputed universities in native speaking countries. Over 6000 organizations take the scores, and this number is steadily increasing.

4. Transparent Marking System

Ratings are given by automatic software using predefined guidelines. Hence you will get a reliable and open score without any bias or error.

5. No Ambiguous Questions

Solving of ambiguous questions take time which lowers your score in the test. Pearson Test of English exam contains questions from academic and real-life settings. Hence you will get a score based on your proficiency in the test.

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