As you all know that PTE is a computer-based English language skill test for the non-native English speakers who want to continue their studies abroad. One has to strive hard and the people who have made a real hard work can achieve it. But without just only hard work, one can do smart work and can achieve 65+ in PTE Academic.

By working on the smart way you can get 65+ in PTE academic within one month of preparation. Here we discuss how it.

Speaking in PTE Academic

Speaking is the toughest part of the PTE Academic test as you have to pronounce the work in the native language. So, to get succeed in this part, try watching out some English tv series and movie regularly and try to pronounce those words in the same tone. Also, you can take help of Google and can listen how the word is pronounced.

After completing the listening part, just go through articles, newspapers or books and pronounce the words as you heard them in that way.

Writing in PTE Academic

The test conductors mainly focus on grammar rules, punctuations and spellings. It can be achieved by a lot of practice. Go through each and every word carefully when you hear and read. Avoid complex terms and prefer simplified terms. Thus you can maintain the same path even with the writing part.

Listening to PTE Academic

Listening can be termed as the simplest sections that are conducted in PTE exam. Listen carefully throughout the test time. As you may encounter queries regarding the topic mentioned here in the later parts of the examination.

Take your time to prepare

During the initial days of starting the preparation, it may take some time for you to adjust to the pattern. But don’t lose focus. Lowly and steadily pick up the speed and also increase the time of preparation. In no longer than a week or two you will be able to focus on the target. Maintain the same spirit till the end of the exam.

Some Useful Tips for PTE Academic

  • During writing section, summarize your idea in less than 100 words. Concentrate on punctuations, grammar, and spellings.
  • In speaking section, focus on just speaking. Peak in the same pitch. Do not speed fast or slow. Maintain the same flow throughout the section. Just keep on reading, don’t take breaks in between other than at the place of full stops.
  • Always re-check for what you have done in the exam so far in the last minutes of your exam.

By following the above-mentioned tips, one cannot fail on the PTE Exam. Scoring good marks depends on how good you focus on the tips we shared above. 65 isn’t too far if you execute every of the mentioned instruction carefully.