Licensed consultants recommended for prospective immigrants


Some countries make it mandatory for consultants to go through test

Immigration, especially for higher education, occurs at a significant rate in this country. But often, people get cheated or misled by consultants to choose a destination that is neither suited for them nor is in their best interest.

Students and prospective immigrants are not even aware that some countries make it mandatory for consultants to go through a test and certify themselves before claiming to represent the country for advising the aspirants.

Canada has a pretty robust system of regulation, and consultants have to do a course in immigration, and clear an exam, before being licensed.

“This is done to ensure that prospective students or immigrants are not misled by consultants purely working for commercial benefits,” says Monika, CEO of Astra Immigration Services, which is a Licensed and Regulated Immigration Consultancy in Hyderabad.

Monika says people are so gullible that even educated people are not aware of licensed consultants system, and that it is safe and secure. The Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs) strictly follow Code of Professional Ethics and other guidelines and do not provide any false information or make false promises or else they stand to lose their recognition from the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council.

“Client confidentiality is maintained and not shared with any third party unless authorised by the client to do so,” says Monika, who herself is a Canadian citizen with several years of experience in the profession.

The recognised consultants deal with guiding the students or the immigrants on several aspects.

Similar Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) of Australia certifies consultants who pass a one-year course on immigration. “Such certified consultants provide trusted advise”, says Nishidhar Borra of Atlas Consultants.

Students who wish to immigrate after their education should seek services of such qualified agents.

New Zealand has a system of Licensed Immigration Advisers (LIA) and consultants must qualify for that certification before offering their services for New Zealand immigration.

In fact, New Zealand has a system where consultants recruiting students too have to go through such advisers.

Source : The Hindu