Best Tips for PTE Academic

Best PTE Academic Exam Tips


Best PTE Academic Exam Tips to achieve your target score, you will have to have a rigorous practice of all the question types in different modules of the PTE Academic test. Try to practice in real test like conditions so that you are acquainted with all the things you should remember and focus on while sitting the actual test.You can register your self on for a free practice test.

Best PTE Academic Exam Tips-1   Train your mind to concentrate as your concentration levels must be the same throughout the three hours of the test. Concentration and alertness are very important for the exam.

Best PTE Academic Exam Tips-2     Do not waste too much time in reading the instruction as you will be aware of them when you take a practice test. Observe the image/graph/table and utilize 25 sec fully and start speaking as soon as the recording starts. Understand the idea of the question.

Best PTE Academic Exam Tips-3      Read the question in the time before any recording starts. That will give you a hint and idea what information you are looking for.

Best PTE Academic Exam Tips-4     The next is about headphones. Though their headphones are good but don’t expect the sound to be as loud as it was in your practice tests. There will be a lot of distraction from around. You could hear other candidates speaking but then you have to bring in the first tip into play that is to say you need to concentrate on your own tasks and don’t listen to what others are saying.

Best PTE Academic Exam Tips-5      Next is regarding erasable notepad. The erasable notepad has 10 pages and is long like a long register. It will have plenty of pages so you won’t run out of pages. In the rare case, if you do, then you can ask for more. You can’t erase the notepad with your hands. If it finishes then you raise your hand and the administrator will bring a new one for you. Exam won’t be paused for this time. For real simulation, while you practice, take notes using pen and paper.  And regarding note taking you have to take short notes of only main points. Don’t try to take notes word by word. Improve your typing speed too.

Above are the best tips and practices for PTE Academic test.

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