A unique B.Sc. Blended course prepares students for further international study.

The University of Melbourne is looking at expanding its collaborations with arts and science colleges in India to offer a three-year B.Sc. (Blended) degree course which integrates the core science disciplines of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

The course content, developed by the University of Melbourne in partnership with the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER), Pune, will be delivered in India through the faculty of the partner institutions.

The three-year programme has been designed to prepare graduates for further study in postgraduate sciences and related areas, particularly internationally. B.Sc. (Blended) graduates will be considered for entry into the University of Melbourne M.Sc. programme on equivalent selection criteria to Melbourne B.Sc. graduates.

In the pipeline

This academic year, the programme was approved for delivery at the Savitribai Phule University’s affiliated institution — the Modern College of Arts Science and Commerce. “Admission into B.Sc. Blended is managed by the college. The Modern College set a special exam and admitted about 20 students or so in the first intake,” says Prof. Muthupandian Ashokkumar, Associate Dean (International), Faculty of Science, University of Melbourne.

“We have approached and discussed (about offering the course) in Stella Maris College, Chennai; Fatima College, Madurai; and Bishop Heber College and National College in Tiruchy. We are also planning to expand the programme in Pune,” Prof. Ashokkumar adds. Considering that these colleges are affiliated to different universities, depending upon their respective regulations, it may take another year or so to get approval to roll out the course.

Unlike the B.Sc. degree course offered in India where students are admitted based on their scores in science subjects in Plus Two, for the Blended programme, aspirants must have studied mathematics along with physics, chemistry and biology in their higher secondary level. The students have to study mathematics and the three science subjects in their first and second year and can specialise for a “major” in their final year.

The University of Melbourne would provide support for teaching and delivery as well as quality assurance for assessment of the course. The curriculum is benchmarked against the undergraduate programmes at the University of Melbourne and IISER, Pune.

According to Prof. Ashok kumar, the degree would be awarded by the universities to which the colleges are affiliated with appropriate University of Melbourne and IISER “co-branding”. As for the fees, he says the college which runs the course would decide on it.

Source : The Hindu

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