How to Deal with Negative Marking in PTE Academic


Negative Marking in PTE Academic :

Candidates have to be careful while answering reading and listening section as there is negative marking in three question types in PTE Academic Test. These question types are:

Reading: Multiple choice choose multiple answers

Listening: Multiple choice choose multiple answers and Highlight incorrect words.

Look into the following suggestions to overcome negative marking.

Reading and Listening Strategies: Multiple choices, choose multiple answers

Read the instructions carefully. Remember that more than one option is correct in this type of multiple choice item.

Read the response options and select the correct ones.

First eliminate any response options which you feel sure are incorrect.

Make sure you know how the task is scored.

You will score marks for any correct options but you will lose score points for any incorrect options; these include:

  • Options that you have clicked on as correct but which are wrong
  • Options that are correct but that you have not clicked on

If you click on all the options, because you do not know the answer, you will lose score points.


Note: Remember that reading task types are not timed individually.

Time is a crucial factor

Highlight incorrect words: Strategies:

For any wrong options chosen one point is deducted, whilst correct options are given one point.

Make sure you are confident in your choices.

Move the cursor along the text as you hear the words.

Be prepared to click on any word which does not match what is said.

Do not make guesses. Click only if you are sure you heard a different word.


  • Time management.
  • Invest good time in preparation. Practice is the key to success.
  • Strategies help you but skills are just as important.
  • Be careful while choosing options.
  • Review your selected options in the end.
  • You should have the ability to distinguish between correct and seemingly correct options.

Once again remember that you are going to choose an option when you are totally sure of that option and you have zeroed it only after careful analysis because if the option you choose is wrong then it is going to eat away the point you got for a correct one, so no guess work here please.  Be very sure of your choice while answering the above three question types