Listening Part of PTE Academic


The last part of the PTE Academic test is the Listening section. It consists of around 8 types of questions which need to be dealt with a lot of focus and concentration. The moment you lose focus you will be dwindling on the options to choose, so train your mind to go with the flow of the lecture or narration and the intonation of the speaker. Consider the stressed words and the high and low of the pitch while listening to the lectures. Follow the instructions and the prompts carefully before answering any question.


Summarize spoken text:

  • Take notes using an erasable note board booklet, whilst you listen to the recording.
  • Summarize the main point and refer briefly to the essential supporting points.
  • Check your sentences for things like subject/verb agreement, tenses and word order.
  • Check your punctuation and make sure you have begun each sentence with a capital letter.

Multiple choice, choose multiple answers:

  • Before the recording begins, read the question and get ready to take notes to help you answer.
  • Note down details as well as the main points.
  • Select the options that best match the meaning of what you have heard.
  • Don’t just choose an option because it has the same words or phrases as the recording.

Fill in the blanks:

  • Skim the text before the recording begins.
  • Ignore the gaps and try to get an overall idea of what the text is about.


  • Proper nouns (that begin with a capital letter). They can give you information about people and what they do.
  • Nouns that are repeated in the text. They may help you decide on the topic.
  • As you listen, write the words you hear for the blanks on your ‘erasable note board booklet’.
  • Use your notes to decide on the words that are missing.


Highlight correct summary:

  • Don’t read the options before or while you are listening to the recording as there is too much to read.
  • Take notes and match them to the correct summary. Note down the key ideas.
  • Match the option that is closest in detail to your notes.

Multiple choice, choose single answer:

  • Focus on the kind of information you need.
  • The main part of the question tells you what to listen for.
  • Skim the question and answer options before you listen to understand the topic.
  • Then choose your option.

Select missing word:

  • Know what to do if you change your mind about the answer.
  • Click on the option you think is correct.

Highlight incorrect words:

  • Quickly read the transcription before you listen to focus on key words.
  • Focus on the words that give you information: e.g., nouns, adjectives, and verbs.
  • Decide what the general topic is and pick out words that do not fit this topic area.
  • Follow the text with the cursor as you listen.
  • Select the wrong words as the text is read.
  • Don’t try to make notes as you listen.

Write from dictation:

  • Type as many correct words as you can remember into the response box in the correct order.
  • Use your knowledge of English grammar to help you decide.
  • You will score points for every correct word that you write in the response box.

Success in listening part depends on how well you interpret the questions and options given within the stipulated time. Candidate’s complete focus throughout the test is quite vital in order to achieve the target score.