When it comes to PTE Academic writing, it is the easiest of all. The task in writing involves two question types. Firstly summarizing written text and next is an essay. In both the tasks a candidate is expected to show a range of vocabulary, grammatical accuracy with regard to punctuation and correct spellings. Understanding the question and analysing it is quite important when it comes to writing section. Task response will be accurate only if the candidate understands what he or she is supposed to express. Good speed in typing will be an added advantage.

In summarising written task there will be a paragraph and you have to summarize it in ONE Sentence. It should be between 5- 75 words. Candidate should remember that one sentence means only one full stop. However different punctuations could be added to include all the relevant main points. Do not bother about names of people, places or numbers etc. just focus on the main theme of the text given and the tone what it is conveying.

There is another item type in listening namely summarize spoken text. Here you will listen to a recording and summarize. However the difference is that in latter you can write more than 1 line. However in former you have to summarize in ONE sentence. You will get 10 minutes for this. Many people find this as tough as how to summarize a paragraph. Key here is to find topic sentences, main points and using your words, synonyms to summarize the paragraph. Keep in mind that you have to summarize a paragraph so you have to understand what the paragraph is about and what it is trying to communicate. Try to show range of vocabulary, spelling.

Coming to essay, a general topic will be given, may be on a social or academic issue, and candidate will be asked to present views related to the topic. Follow the same format as IELTS for typing an essay. An introduction, body (2-3 paragraphs) and a conclusion. The word limit for essay will be between 200-300 words and the best part is that the word count is displayed on the screen so you can keep track of the words and also the timer will be there to indicate the time left for this task. You’ll get 20 minutes to complete the task. It is advisable that you leave last 2 minutes to read the essay and check for any errors. If it asks you to give examples, references then don’t forget them.  There is cut, copy paste option also available which you can utilize.

Since we are talking about writing, one important tip is punctuation. It is very important in all writing tasks. So things like capital letters appropriately (start of sentence, nouns) then commas, semicolons etc. should be put wherever necessary. Another is to practice spelling of confusing words like believe, achieve etc.

To practice candidates can type essays daily on different topics listed in their practice material and check for any errors. It is really going to help a lot when you actually sit the test. Keep in mind that at the test centre the system you get will not have automatic grammar check, so be careful while typing. No typos accepted. They will affect your overall score. So be vigilant and focus on the language you are using to present varied ideas with correct grammar and spellings.